Discover History in Williamsburg

WilliamsburgLocated in the Tidewater region of southern Virginia, where some of the very first Europeans came ashore to settle in America, Williamsburg remains a town suspended in the colonial days of the 1700s. The indisputable charm of this place is its extraordinary Historic districts, which rivals any preserved cultural site in the world. More than simply a collection of restored buildings, Colonial Williamsburg is a living museum and never fails to amaze visitors.

The only reason people come to Williamsburg is to experience the Historic district. Outside of this national protected area, the town offers little more than a place for people to live and go shopping. The Historic district is a perfectly restored version of Williamsburg as it existed in the 1700s, when it was the first capital of America. Workers dress in period clothing; engage in traditional crafts sold in shops and the taverns serve fare that was actually on the menu 300 years ago. It’s a truly fascinating microcosm of history and will keep you entertained for days.

However, if you need a break from the colonial period, there are two of Virginia’s biggest and best family amusement parks nearby: Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. These two parks are great diversions from the more serious historical ambiance of the Colonial Williamsburg. Apart from this, there’s not much else to do except spend your money in the excessive number of outlet shops that line the highway leading away from town.

It’s unlikely that you’ll have enough time to tear yourself away from the Historic district, but if you want an even bigger taste of Colonial life in Virginia, you can visit Jamestown and Yorktown. Both of these original colonial towns have been similarly restored and offer another glimpse at what life was like for the first European settlers. The beach on the Atlantic Ocean is also within a half-day drive, if you feel the need to visit the sea.